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Understanding Crisis and the Aftermath​

      Of course Christians have crisis! As human beings, we are surrounded by   temptation, we all make mistakes and we all suffer with trials in our lives.   Unfortunately, there are well-intended Christians who attempt to minister to

 those suffering or in crisis without realizing how their words of wisdom could

 actually be counter-productive and potentially harmful.

      This book is a resource for ministry leaders, parents, teachers and care-givers

 regarding mental illness, chronic pain, abortion, abuse and addictions. It also

 covers marital and family issues. There are facts included throughout the book to 

 reveal the prevalence of each topic and listed resources to increase knowledge in

 those areas. Scripture is included throughout the book to provide solid Christian

 counsel through each topic.

      If someone came up to you today to reveal they are considering suicide or that   they are addicted to porn or prescribed drugs, would you know what to say to

 them? What if someone wants to talk to you because they believe their spouse is

 having an affair, or a mother believes her child is being molested or bullied, or

 their adult child is being abused by their spouse? Would you know how to advise

 them? Are your words subjective? Are they productive? Are your words factual

 and scriptural?

      As a church, we need to teach that Christ is a loving and forgiving God. We   need to have compassion for the misunderstood. As a church, we need to be   knowledgeable of current fads, common problems in societies and families so we

 know how to respond to crises appropriately. As a church, we need to encourage

 a safe environment for those in need. We need to minister to people with open

 minds and open hearts. And we need to know when it is time to reach out for

 professional help.

ISBN 978-1-64114-461-2 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-64114-462-9 (digital)

 Book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzO_BmN66dI 

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, 

296 Chestnut St. Meadville, PA 16335